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Vintage 1960s USA Neon Peace Pin Pinback, Civil Rights, Vietnam War Americana!

Vintage 1960s USA Neon Peace Pin Pinback, Civil Rights, Vietnam War Americana!

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Introducing the Vintage 1960s USA Neon Peace Pin Pinback, an iconic piece of Americana that captures the essence of tumultuous times in American history. Throughout the 1960s, as the nation grappled with the Vietnam War and fought for Civil Rights, these pins were proudly worn as symbols of peace and unity.

Crafted in the USA during this era, this pinback is a true relic from the past. Measuring 1 1/4 inches, it showcases a vibrant neon peace sign design that embodies the youthful optimism and desire for change that characterize the 1960s. This particular pinback has stunning color, having remained tucked away untouched for decades, until it found its way to me.

Stored together in a box for all these years, the pinback does show some rubbing and wear, which only adds to its authenticity and charm. The slight signs of age remind us of the battles fought and the sacrifices made during that era. With a patina of history, this pinback serves as a powerful memento of the times when youth raised their voices and demanded a better world.

Whether you are a collector of vintage memorabilia or simply want to own a piece of history, this Vintage 1960s USA Neon Peace Pin Pinback is sure to captivate you. It represents a defining period in American culture where courage and hope intertwined, beckoning us to remember our past as we navigate the challenges of the present. Don't miss your opportunity to own this remarkable piece of Civil Rights and Vietnam War Americana!

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