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Vintage 1990s Doctor Who, 🤖 Cybermen! Foil 6 Trading Card, Come Join Their Ranks!

Vintage 1990s Doctor Who, 🤖 Cybermen! Foil 6 Trading Card, Come Join Their Ranks!

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Step into the world of the iconic 1990s Doctor Who series with this vintage Cybermen trading card. Released in 1994 as a limited edition, this foil 6 card set is a must-have for collectors and fans alike.

The Cybermen, known as a species of cybernetic beings who traverse the galaxies, are on a mission to expand their ranks. Their conversion process involves stripping away emotions, personality, and vulnerabilities, leaving behind only their logical minds. 🤖⭐️👨‍🚀

This trading card captures the essence of the Cybermen, showcasing their fearsome appearance and relentless determination to recruit new members. Whether you're drawn to their struggle for survival or their desire for eternal life, this card offers a glimpse into the complex world of Doctor Who.

In near mint to mint condition, this vintage collector's item will make a great addition to your Doctor Who memorabilia collection. With its striking design and nostalgic value, it is sure to spark conversations and bring back fond memories of the beloved 90s era of Doctor Who. Order now and join the Cybermen's ranks today!

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