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Vintage 1997 NFL Fingernail Tattoos Miami Dolphins, It's Football Season!!!

Vintage 1997 NFL Fingernail Tattoos Miami Dolphins, It's Football Season!!!

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Vintage 1997 NFL Fingernail Tattoos Miami Dolphins

This 25-year-old unopened package is 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"~ Tattoos are fingernail size.🙃

Is your team going to win it all??? I love football so much that I might be wearing some of these! My daughter will love it. If you are confident in your team I want to see you take advantage of the Super Bowl Package if not I know what that means!🤪 I won't even mention who my team is.😉

My pictures seriously don't do it justice.

The vintage stickers are a reminder of a bygone era in the NFL. Original NFL licensed vintage items are extremely collectible or also really neat to wear as it is the dominant sport in the USA and the interest won't go away anytime soon!😉

I was able to save these from Florida and grabbed them as I didn't want them lost. I hope you guys agree and love them too! They seem to have only made 12 different teams back then for this promotional item and only 5~ are on the market until now. I am so pumped for football season Just listing this is getting my adrenaline running. My team is one of these tattoos I might have them on my forehead etc during games and hopefully, we see your team in the Superbowl

Go Dolphins!!

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