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Vintage Mcdonald's Ronald Mcdonald And Grimace Puffy Stickers 1980s

Vintage Mcdonald's Ronald Mcdonald And Grimace Puffy Stickers 1980s

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Vintage McDonald's Ronald McDonald and Grimace Puffy Stickers 1985

Each sticker is 2" x 2" ~ You get both!

These are so neat! I used to love puffy stickers and these are an absolute treasure. Ronald McDonald as everyone knows is the famous clown from McDonald's fast-food restaurant chain. He inhabited a fantasy world called McDonaldland, in which he had adventures with his friends Mayor McCheese, the Hamburglar, Birdie the Early Bird, The Fry Kids, and the friendliest of all characters Grimace. Ronald McDonald was and is become a prominent symbol of the fast-food industry and the USA worldwide.

Absolutely bright and beautiful. These were made by Puffy Stickers for McDonald's which seems to have a following in their own right and are very collectible.

Definitely grab these pair of American Icons before they are all in Collections or Museums.

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