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Vintage 1950s 🍑 Talbott's Peaches Crate Label, Palisade, Co

Vintage 1950s 🍑 Talbott's Peaches Crate Label, Palisade, Co

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Immerse yourself in the nostalgic era of Palisade, Colorado with this Vintage Talbott's Peaches Crate Label from the 1950s.

Measuring 7 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches, this label boasts stunning lithography that is unmatched even today.

Featuring an amazing landscape this label is sure to transport you back in time with its vintage charm.

Crate labels are highly sought after by collectors and museums alike, making them a rare find once the limited supply is sold out. Add this unique and timeless piece to your collection before it's too late!

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