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Antique Vintage 1900s - 1920s Bull Durham Tobacco Plug - Tag NC

Antique Vintage 1900s - 1920s Bull Durham Tobacco Plug - Tag NC

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Introducing the Antique Vintage Bull Durham Tobacco Plug, a remarkable piece of history from the early 1900s to 1920s. This stunning plug proudly bears the iconic Bull Durham Tobacco Tag, handmade in North Carolina. In excellent condition, this rare find is poised to become the jewel of any tobacco enthusiast's collection.

Capture the essence of bygone eras with this impeccably preserved antique tobacco plug. The Bull Durham Tobacco Tag represents a key chapter in the rich tapestry of American tobacco heritage. Its genuine vintage appeal and stellar condition make it an extraordinary collectible that promises to impress even the most discerning collectors.

Imagine this incredible piece adorning your mantle, bringing to life the fascinating world of early 20th-century tobacconists. As a centerpiece, it will spark conversations, ignite nostalgia, and transport you back to a time when the artistry of tobacco craftsmanship was highly revered.

With its authentic North Carolina origin and the timeless charm it exudes, this antique vintage Bull Durham Tobacco Plug is a true treasure. Act swiftly to secure a place in history as its new custodian. Don't let this rare opportunity slip through your fingers - invest in this remarkable piece today and create a lasting connection to a captivating era.

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Product came quickly, as advertised and of good quality.


"Antique Vintage Bull Durham Tobacco Plug - Tag NC 1900s - 1920s" arrived promptly and in good order! Thank you, Travis! AAAAAAA+++++++

We are so glad you like it! Thanks for your support we really appreciate it. Pleasure is all ours!



We appreciate it!


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Pleasure is always ours, we appreciate your support!


Excellent merchandise, Fast delivery, Thanks AAA++++++++++++++++++

Thank you so much for the kind words! We really appreciate it. My dad had to take a break for a bit so I apologize for the delay in responding. We hope to work with you again in the future!