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Antique Vintage 1910s - 1930s Sonny Boy Embossed Cigar Label

Antique Vintage 1910s - 1930s Sonny Boy Embossed Cigar Label

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Looking for a unique and stunning piece of antique advertising to add to your home decor collection? Look no further than this Antique Vintage Sonny Boy Embossed Cigar Label from the 1910s-1930s!

Measuring a large 8.5 inches by 2.125 inches, this label features intricate gold embossing - most likely made with real gold flakes, as was common practice at the time. The amazing graphics provided by lithography and embossing are a testament to a lost art and show you just what antique advertising is all about.

Hang this over a century-old piece of history in any room of your home to add a touch of vintage charm and uniqueness.

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