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Vintage Bergheim Beer Label 1960s - 1976 Philadelphia, PA and Cleveland, OH

Vintage Bergheim Beer Label 1960s - 1976 Philadelphia, PA and Cleveland, OH

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For sale online is a remarkable piece of vintage nostalgia - the Vintage Bergheim Beer Label from the 1960s to 1976. This label represents the illustrious history of Bergheim Beer, a renowned brewing company that originated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the year 1866 and later expanded its operations to Cleveland, Ohio.

Measuring approximately 3 3 / 4 x 2 3 / 4 inches, these labels exude sheer beauty and elegance. Crafted with intricate details and vibrant colors, they effortlessly capture the essence of an era long gone. Whether you are a collector, a beer enthusiast, or simply appreciate the aesthetic value of vintage artwork, these labels are sure to catch your eye.

What sets this particular label apart is the captivating history associated with Bergheim Beer. In 1923, an extraordinary event unfolded when a surge of beer flooded the streets, transforming manhole covers into geysers. This miraculous occurrence lasted from 8:45 AM until 1 PM, and locals affectionately referred to it as a heaven-sent gift. An incredible sight to behold, people rushed to seize this unexpected bounty using wheelbarrows, milk jugs, and any means necessary.

Owning this Vintage Bergheim Beer Label not only offers a chance to own a unique piece of beer memorabilia but also enables you to be a part of Bergheim's fascinating tale. Display it proudly in your personal collection, enhance your bar's decor, or gift it to someone who appreciates beer history – the choice is yours.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a rare artifact from a bygone era. Purchase the Vintage Bergheim Beer Label now and relish in the rich heritage and captivating story behind it.

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