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Vintage Blue Hen Beer Label 1990 - 1998 Delaware - The Fighting Blue Hens

Vintage Blue Hen Beer Label 1990 - 1998 Delaware - The Fighting Blue Hens

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Vintage Blue Hen Beer Label 1990 - 1998 Delaware to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania - The Fighting Blue Hens

4" x 3 1/2" ~

This is a very popular label to frame. Very collectible and rare in this condition!

This label has an interesting history. Jeff Johnson had an award-winning beer recipe but living in Delaware breweries wasn't legal yet. Not giving up, he outsourced his beer to Lion Brewery using this famous collectible label designed by Kurt Kohl that people still collect to this day. It even has a website and a huge cult-like following even though it's been out of business for more than 20 years. You can get the original label in amazing condition. There aren't many out there of the Beer label in unused condition anymore for sale.

More history here and you can join the fan club ;) 

Beer and alcohol label antique and vintage advertising with their wonderful graphics make them very collectible. They are a reminder of a bygone era and a huge part of American history. Museums and Art Institutes have galleries dedicated to them and more and more of them and collectors are seeking these out to preserve the history. Once the limited supply for sale is gone and on display with collectors or in galleries then they will be very difficult to acquire. 

Imagine this vintage advertising hanging on your wall as home decor in any room!

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