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Vintage Patriotic Bicentennial Bozo The Clown Stickers 1975 Worlds Most Famous Clown!

Vintage Patriotic Bicentennial Bozo The Clown Stickers 1975 Worlds Most Famous Clown!

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Vintage Patriotic Bicentennial Bozo The Clown Stickers 1975 made by Larry Harmon Pictures Corp.

3 1/4" x 2"~

Bozo who is considered the world's most famous clown first made his appearance in 1946 and was an instant success. Larry Harmon purchased the rights to Bozo in 1957 and made it a Worldwide Icon. These might explode in popularity even more than they are because David Arquette purchased the rights to the Bozo the Clown from Larry Harmon Pictures in 2021 so who knows what he is planning. 

These are absolutely amazing and such historic pieces. These were likely made for the Bicentennial which could not have come at a better time for our Country as it healed so many wounds from decades of strife from the Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement, Watergate, and a general feeling of malaise that had settled in since the Kennedy assassination. A neat history of how this was put in motion and how much effort was behind it here.

These stickers are becoming very uncommon for obvious reasons. I have trouble selling the last of something and I am going to have to break my rule and keep a pair of stickers from each of the 6 different sets I am listing. Please note old stickers the adhesive is the first thing to go so if you plan to affix to something they are going to need assistance aka glue.

My pictures seriously don't do it justice.

The vintage stickers are a reminder of a bygone era. Museums and Art Institutes have galleries dedicated to them and more and more of them and collectors are seeking these out to preserve their history. Once the limited supply for sale is gone and on display with collectors or in galleries then they will be very difficult to acquire.

Imagine this amazing vintage advertising hanging as home decor in any room of your home instead of a museum!

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